Winter Styling: Muted Amaryllis

Amaryllis is one my absolute favorite winter holiday flowers. As soon as they are available at the market, I just can't seem to be able to keep my hands off of them (as will be evident by the multiple upcoming flower arrangements on this blog). They come in such beautiful shades, and add a unique richness to floral arrangements. With today's post, I had a soft color palette in mind and wanted to create an arrangement which was muted in color but still reminiscent of a holiday theme. I used this great Pottery Barn tuscan urn for it's texture and rustic style.

Kiana Underwood /

Flowers: amaryllis, euphorbia, rose, ranunculus, eucalyptus, autumn foliage Kiana Underwood /

Begin by placing the eucalyptus and autumn foliage inside the urn Kiana Underwood /

Kiana Underwood /

Add the euphorbia. I really like these flowers - they add a unqiue look to the arrangement. Kiana Underwood /

Can you believe that this is a rose? Yes, it is! I found these lovely (looking and smelling) green-eyed yellow garden roses at one of my favorite vendors at the flower mart - Torchio Nursery. They always have such an amazingly unique selection. Kiana Underwood /

Add the roses (you don't need that many) and make sure that they are visible amongst the foliage. Kiana Underwood /

Now add the ranunculus. Kiana Underwood /

Kiana Underwood /

And finally, add the amaryllis! I have only used two stems, but each stem has 3-4 flowers, so it looks full and beautiful. Kiana Underwood /

Kiana Underwood /


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood