Thoughts: On Iran and Dogs

Happy Monday friends! The everyday distractions of life often prevent us from appreciating what simple privileges we take for granted. For those of you who don't know, I was born in Iran and moved to San Francisco with my family when I was fifteen. In many ways I have maintained my Iranian culture, but I have not been back for 23 years, and my present-day idea of Iran is somewhat filtered through 23-year old memories of a different country. The other day one of my relatives who still lives there told me that the government has recently been cracking down on people who have dogs under the auspices of Islamic law. Traditionally dogs and pigs are viewed as "unclean" animals in Islamic (and Jewish) culture. So, the Iranian government has decided to accost citizens walking their dogs in public - taking the animal and killing it. Clearly they are doing a great public service. Meanwhile, oppression, human suffering, and economic devastation reign supreme.

Since having heard this, I can't help but think of it every time I walk my dog freely around my neighborhood, and am so grateful for the simple freedom and opportunity to have a dog without the horrifying feeling that someone might come and take him away and kill him.

Charlie - 12 weeks - about to come home

Me and Charlie - 12 weeks old

It's difficult to imagine someone taking this beautiful creature away from us. Charlie has brought nothing but happiness and love (ok, maybe a few obedience issues) into our lives.