Thoughts: Living in the Present

How many of you look back at your photos and feel a bit depressed? My sister did this very thing just the other day. She posted a photo of herself from 6 years ago on Instagram, as well as a recent one, and promptly sent me a text about how old she looks now. First of all, I reminded her that she is only 29. 29 was personally a great year for me, and I certainly wouldn't mind still being her age today. However, I am perfectly fine being 37 and plan to enjoy every second. I have a lovely friend from childhood who once told me "Why do you bother spending time looking at your photos after you've taken them? Any photo is a great one in five years!". In the three years since hearing that, I have made it a point to not criticize the way that I look in pictures (most of the time). It is true that the photos that were taken five years ago really do look good, despite how I felt about them at the time.

The fact is that we are aging, and it is a process that does not discriminate and happens to us all. There is no fighting it; however, you can change your outlook on life. I have come a long way in doing so, and today I make it a point to take a moment out of my crazy busy everyday life to enjoy that I am 37, that my parents are alive and well, that my kids are still little (all under 10 anyway), that my dog is still mostly a puppy, and that my husband is still a handsome young man (of 37) who still has hair!

Happy weekend friends, life is too short to waste a second of it worrying or feeling sad over lost years! Live in the present and life will be that much sweeter.