Thoughts: Double Digits

My darling girl turned 10 a couple of days ago, and it really hit me just how quickly time is going by. As I looked through these photos I missed the physical babies they once were, and yet, they are still my babies. Did I hold them enough? Did I kiss them enough? Did I just sit and snuggle with those sweet little faces enough? Probably not enough, as I remember being overwhelmed as a mother of three kids under the age of 5. Today they are older and have a new set of wants and needs, and I have promised myself that I will do the very best in my power to be the kind of mother who will look at another set of photos in 10 more years and not worry about "Did I...?".

Have a wonderful weekend!

Day 0 tulipina / Kiana Underwood

We still thought one child was tough in this picture tulipina / Kiana Underwood

So chubby tulipina / Kiana Underwood

The three musketeers (and by now we were learning that one child was a breeze) tulipina / Kiana Underwood

Top Gun tulipina / Kiana Underwood

Day 3652 tulipina / Kiana Underwood