Humans with Bouquets: David J.

Today's human has been quite an influential person in our lives for the past 3 years. David Jacobson is a distinguished violin soloist - first performing with major symphony orchestras in his teens - and he and his wife Audinga (also a distinguished violinist) are my sons' most wonderful music teachers. Both David and Audinga have a fantastic approach to music education steeped in the history and tradition of Russian/European musical mastery. While the Suzuki method most popular today may produce technical ability via its rote approach, it often doesn't produce students who truly feel and understand the music that they are playing. This is something unique about how David and Audinga teach, and I truly appreciate it.

I have played the piano since I was 6, and never really had the best experience with my music teachers. Today, I am fortunate to live vicariously through my sons, and appreciate these lovely teachers for the greatness they add to our lives.

Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N.R. Underwood /

Flowers: orchid, dogwood, tea rose, carnation, silene, columbine, sweet pea Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N.R. Underwood /

It all happens, the lessons and frequent recitals, here at the San Francisco Institute of Music. I love this place, and the sound of the violin and piano carry to the end of the street. It smells like music, do you know what I mean? If you have been around music all your life like I have, you know that the piano has a certain smell, and sheet music, it smells like old books. However, the welcoming vibe that I get from this place is what makes me love it the most. Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N.R. Underwood /

Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N.R. Underwood /

My little violinist and his teacher. These two have a very special relationship. I have never quite met a music teacher who is as patient and positive as David is with Aram, and I am so very grateful for that. Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N.R. Underwood /

Thank you for being my human David! Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N.R. Underwood /


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