Valentine's Day Beauties

As an event designer, I don't do a ton of arrangements that are "holiday based". However, Valentine's Day provides an opportunity to introduce a new audience to my floral styling, and I love being able to work outside the box of traditional red rose designs that you might see from a retail florist. For those that request something, I simply give them a price, and then put together something that I think will look great. The following are a selection of a few that I put together for V-day. Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N. Underwood /

This was for a woman who wanted something slightly less feminine for her boyfriend! Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N. Underwood /

These roses...I'm speechless - this one is what I would want for me! Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N. Underwood /

Another personal favorite! Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N. Underwood /

For a valentine who loves daffodils. Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N. Underwood /

And this one wins the medal for an absolutely non-traditional valentine! Kiana Underwood / | Photography: N. Underwood /

I wish you all a wonderful day, and hope that you get to do exactly what you love, today and always!




Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood

Valentine's Day Marshmallow Pops

Hi there! I'm Keely, Kiana's awesome sister-in-law. She has so kindly asked me to do a guest post today on her gorgeous blog...yay! It is quite the honor! I'm not a baker, but when I saw these marshmallow pops on The Pioneer Woman's blog, well, I thought I would put a little Valentine's Day spin on them. They are amazingly easy to make, and my friends, I am all about easy...

Naked Bouquet / Keely Mann

Naked Bouquet / Keely Mann

What you'll need:

  • A bag of marshmallows
  • Cake pop (or lollipop) sticks
  • Almond bark (I used vanilla, but you could easily use chocolate)
  • Your choice of decorating sprinkles

First step is to break off the almond bark into chunks, and put them in a pyrex bowl over a pot of water that has a couple of inches in it. This is a double boiler, and will keep you from burning your bark.

Naked Bouquet / Keely Mann

Let the almond bark melt, stirring occasionally.

Naked Bouquet / Keely Mann

While you are waiting, you can get your marshmallows and sticks ready.

Naked Bouquet / Keely Mann

Once the almond bark is all melted, you're going to stick the tip of the stick into the melted almond bark, and then you're going to stick the marshmallow on top of the stick.

Sticking the stick in the almond bark allows the marshmallow to stick to the stick better.

Now count how many times I just said the word "stick".

Just kidding, don't.

Once you're done, they should look like this...

Naked Bouquet / Keely Mann

Now for the fun part. If you have kids, have them help you...or not.

You're going to dip the marshmallow in the melted almond bark, swirling it around a little so that it coats the whole marshmallow.

Naked Bouquet / Keely Mann

This is the part the kiddos like...SPRINKLES!!!

Now just sprinkle up those bad boys, let them sit for a few minutes, and then they're ready to eat.

Naked Bouquet / Keely Mann

Easiest. Thing. Ever. And so, so cute!

Naked Bouquet / Keely Mann

Seriously, y'all should make them. They'd be super cute Valentine's Day treats for a class, friends, and any other awesome thing you can think of.

xo, Keely

Credits: All photography by Keely Mann for Naked Bouquet Production by Edyn Mann