Garden Teapot DIY

How many of you watch Downton Abbey? I really enjoy the show, and of course I notice all of their floral arrangements and am enchanted by them. For this DIY, I was inspired by the show and decided to use the flowers I have available in my garden within a teapot. Although I am always in my garden and checking things out, I am still amazed by what new items are there when I am going to clip something for one of my arrangements. My fuchsias and clematis have been blooming, and the roses, well, they are just lovely everywhere! / Kiana Underwood

What you will need:

  • A couple of clematis
  • Garden roses (I chose the mini climbing roses as well as a couple of boldly-colored larger ones as a statement)
  • 4-5 stems of fuchsia
  • A couple of leaves of caladium (these leafy plants have many shades from red to white and multicolored ones, I chose this particular shade because I thought it complemented my other flowers beautifully)
  • A teapot – any kind that you find wonderful / Kiana Underwood

Begin with the mini climbing roses as the base of your arrangement. Place them freely within the pot / Kiana Underwood

Add the larger roses, making sure that you can see them when viewed from different angles around the arrangement / Kiana Underwood

Add the clematis and fuchsia. The clematis is really the star of this arrangement, so ensure that you add it where it can be viewed well and does not get lost amongst the rest of the flowers. Fuchsia can be placed in spots where its draping is most noticeable as a contrast against the rest of the arrangement / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood

Finally, add your caladium as finishing touch. The mottled variety adds a wonderful splash of contrasting (but complementary) color / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood

As always, I am fan of natural arrangement where the flowers are allowed to sit in the vessel in their freeform manner. So, it is just fine to have a flower to look a little purposefully out of place here and there.

Examine your piece from all directions to make sure you don’t have any empty spots and that your floral teapot looks beautiful from every angle. And most importantly, have FUN!


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by Angie Cao