Autumn Color Series: Orange/Magenta

I know that I've already done orange as part of this color series, but the other day when I was at the market I noticed these stunning zinnias. Well, their color really captured me, and so I decided to make the last arrangement in this series a really bright orange and magenta! If you look closely inside the orange zinnias, you can see that on some there is a line of magenta around the center. So, I went to town on this color theme using some lovely garden phlox to really bring out the magenta! Thank you so much for having joined me on the color series adventure this month!

Kiana Underwood /

Flowers: zinnia, garden phlox, pumpkin tree branches, marigold, smoke

(I also used a floral frog [kenzan/pin style] as the vase is rather shallow and the pumpkin branches are top heavy. The kenzan is a great way to secure those branches) Kiana Underwood /

Start with the pumpkin tree. (You may not be able to clearly see, but the pumpkin tree branches would have toppled over if I had not used the frog.) Kiana Underwood /

Add the smoke. I love the color of these leaves - they add a beautiful darker shade of purple! Kiana Underwood /

Now add the marigold and phlox. As is typical of my style, I wanted to create an "unstructured" asymmetric look for this arrangement. Kiana Underwood /

Arrange the zinnias in the vase. You can really see their magenta center in this shot! Kiana Underwood /

I felt like some more marigold was needed - so I added a bit extra! Kiana Underwood /

Examine the piece from all angles. If you are satisfied with how it looks, then you are done! Kiana Underwood /

I wish you all a happy and safe Halloween! Kiana Underwood /


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood