Drive-by Fremontodendron "San Gabriel" DIY

As I was driving around the neighborhood the other day, I saw a short, leafy tree (tall bush) with amazing yellow flowers peeking out of one of the alleyways. Since I never leave home without garden shears (you never know when you'll see something amazing on the side of the road), I immediately pulled over and did a little "snipping". I had seen the tree previously, but honestly, had no idea what it was called. Thanks to the almighty power that is Google, I was able to determine that it was the fantastic Fremontodendron "San Gabriel" (also called San Gabriel Flannel Bush). For those who are interested, it can grow quite large and is very drought resistant. Its beautiful yellow flowers are 3-4" in diameter. So, with my San Gabriel in hand, I thought I would combine it with some gorgeous Princess Irene tulips, ranunculus, and geranium that I picked up from Garcia Greens at the SF Flower Mart. I had a very garden-style arrangement in mind, and it worked out really well with an antique silver vase that a friend graciously loaned me. / Kiana Underwood

What you'll need / Kiana Underwood

Begin by trimming and placing the geranium / Kiana Underwood

Add the Fremontodendron "San Gabriel" / Kiana Underwood

Continue with the tulips and ranunculus / Kiana Underwood

Voilà - a beautiful garden-style arrangement for your table / Kiana Underwood

This specimen of Princess Irene tulip was especially photo-worthy. So gorgeous. / Kiana Underwood


Photography by N. Underwood for Naked Bouquet