Crepe Myrtle, A Summer Sweetheart

When I traveled across the United States in the summer of 2011 with my family, one of the things that really caught my eye in the South was the abundance of all the beautiful crepe myrtle trees everywhere. That was right in the middle of summer, but they are all in bloom currently as September/October is generally our warmest period in Northern California. Of course, after my visit to the South I now notice every crepe myrtle in my neighborhood (of which there are many). This is actually very simple - all you need are a couple of branches of crepe myrtle, some greens, and if you wish another type of complementary flower - I chose garden rose.

Kiana Underwood /

I wanted to use a vase that had a nice contrast with the color of my flowers, and I think that deep blue and hot pink really bring out the best in each other. Kiana Underwood /

Flowers: crepe myrtle, garden rose, geranium (I picked some of the crepe myrtle branches that were not fully blooming because those normally shed a lot of petals, and this way they last longer as they bloom) Kiana Underwood /

Begin with the greens, in this case geranium, and allow them to rest freely within the vase Kiana Underwood /

Add the crepe myrtle branches to the desired fill, making sure they don't over power the geranium - you still want to be able to see the geranium in the arrangement Kiana Underwood /

Now add the roses - just a few will do Kiana Underwood /

As is quite often my style, this is an asymmetric arrangement Kiana Underwood /


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood Herb Pots available at Anthropologie (only coral color currently)