Vintage Teapot DIY

While wandering around the local Anthropologie the other day, I came across a selection of vintage teapots - each one-of-a-kind - that they had for sale in store. I immediately picked the lovely teapot below with a flowing asymmetrical arrangement in mind. Fruit branches are always a great choice for asymmetrical designs, and the plum and crabapple berry branches that I've used in this design both fulfill their destiny of asymmetry, as well as provide a lovely contrast in color. Pink peonies and garden roses add a lush texture and huge pop of color. / Kiana Underwood

Flowers: peony / garden rose / plum branches / crabapple berry branches / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood

Begin by adding the plum branches to the teapot / Kiana Underwood

Continue with the crabapple berry branches, and start to build out one side more heavily / Kiana Underwood

Add the peonies / Kiana Underwood

And finish with the garden roses / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood Vintage teapots available at select Anthropologie locations