For the Love of Quince DIY

As you know, I love to incorporate fruit into my arrangements. Quince is a fruit that is not extraordinarily common in the United States, but was very common for me growing up in Iran, and I love using it today in some wonderful Persian dishes. This unripened quince is the star, but it is bolstered by the lovely colors of the ranunculus and garden roses. Some Queen Anne's lace adds texture and completes the piece. / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood

Choose a cylinder container (here I have used a marble utensil container) and begin by placing the quince branches inside, allowing them to rest naturally in the vase / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood

Add the Queen Anne's lace / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood

Continue with the garden roses / Kiana Underwood

Finally, add the ranunculus - which lends little bursts of color throughout the arrangement / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood