The Rear Pocket

Happy Friday! I thought I'd take a brief break from flowers to share something that my friend Yulia recently launched. The Rear Pocket is an awesome "not too casual/not too dressy" everyday pencil skirt that looks fantastic (I love the suspenders). Yulia started the The Rear Pocket for a couple of reasons - one was that she was tired of the regular line up of jeans and cargo pants (and distinct lack of skirts), and the other was that she wanted to find a way to empower and encourage women. She has done both - not only is the skirt sexy and everyday chic, but in the actual rear pocket is a tiny booklet containing positive affirmations. We all have a down day once in a while, and there is something in each "pocket pal" to brighten your mood. It's such a great idea, and I love it.

The Rear Pocket skirt is available in 5 different colors (that go with just about anything) and sizes from XS-XL.

You can read more on the website or on her Facebook page.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Photography by Alexey Gulenko