DIY Simple Arrangements - Part 3

How many of you know what trimmed Acacia stems smell like? They possess a distinct aroma, one which brings me back to my childhood where I used to play outside and discover new plants and flowers when my family and I spent our summers in the Caspian. Acacia trees usually bloom in spring, but around here you'll start to see them in bloom late January through the end of February depending upon whether they are located in the sun or shade. As beautiful as it is, Acacia can also cause an allergic reaction in some as it releases a pretty heavy pollen. I feel lucky that I don't have to worry about that, so that I can use it in my arrangements when it is available.  In this last of our three simple arrangements, Acacia is the star! / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood

What you will need:

  • Floral shears/scissors
  • Small, simple vases
  • Acacia branches/stems (yellow)
  • Small Azalea plant
  • White and green Hellebore

Step 1

We begin with our star - Acacia. Trim and fill each vase with an reasonable amount of Acacia - you are going for a full and "fluffy" look. I've filled the vases with as much as I can while still leaving enough space for the remaining flowers. / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood

Step 2

Add the Hellebore to each vase. Because the vases are small, the goal here is to treat your cluster as one arrangement. Think about composition with that thought in mind. / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood

Step 3

Azalea is not typically used for cut flowers, but I like to use it for that very reason. Trim and add the Azalea to your arrangement until you are satisfied with the overall result. Because it is small, this arrangement can be used in a variety of places - as a coffee table centerpiece, as a corner piece, etc. / Kiana Underwood / Kiana Underwood

All photos by N. Underwood for Naked Bouquet