Unique Vessels: Mustard Bucket

Last week I bought some French mustard that came in the cutest bucket. So of course, a flower arrangement in the bucket was a must. I picked some flowers and greens that I had available in the garden and made a sweet little French-inspired centerpiece. If you have a can, jar, or a bucket, you can always use it with some garden flowers to decorate a corner of your home (I used it for my breakfast room). Better yet, bring it to a friend! This is a super simple DIY that you can do in about 5 minutes. Give it a try!

Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

This jar of mustard was inside this bucket. Cute, right?! Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

Flowers: Huechera (coral bells), zinnia, basil, and a pink one whose name I can't remember (sorry)! Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

Begin with the basil and coral bells Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

Add the zinnia Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

And finally, add the pink flower whose name I can't remember (or figure out for the life of me). Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood