The Glorious Gladiolus

The Gladiolus is not often thought of as a "gourmet" flower, as it is inexpensive and rather common. That said, the "sword lily" has enormous variation in color, size, and shape, and is a lovely flower for arrangements needing height and strong support. I find them delicate and quite lovely, and they last longer than many other cut flowers. In this simple cluster, gladioli (plural) are the star, with some garden rose added to break things up a bit. Note: According to Wikipedia, Gladiolus is the appropriate flower for a 40th wedding anniversary.

Kiana Underwood /

I really love the color and delicate-looking buds Kiana Underwood /

Kiana Underwood /

I thought that these blue glass vases would be a perfect contrast to the peach, pink, and white of the gladioli and roses Kiana Underwood /

Because of their strong stems, Gladiolus are very easy to arrange and keep in place. They are great anchors for a large arrangement because of this property. Kiana Underwood /

Kiana Underwood /


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood