R.I.P. Naked Bouquet

You may have noticed that Naked Bouquet is redirecting to tulipina.com. I started my blog in January as Naked Bouquet because a) I thought that it was catchy and b) I wanted something separate from Tulipina - my floral design business website. There are a couple of reasons why I decided to drop Naked Bouquet, and move the blog to Tulipina. Sadly, the word "naked" is still too naughty to be allowed through many Internet content filters, and this was blocking a certain number of readers from accessing the site. I myself experienced this on a plane recently when I purchased the in-flight wi-fi to work on some blog posts, and found that I couldn't access Naked Bouquet because it was a blocked site (in the 'adult' category). I also couldn't use the hashtag #nakedbouquet on Instagram - again, clearly too naughty. The other reason was that maintaining two web sites was becoming challenging for me, and was a bit confusing to people (especially given that the names were unrelated).

So, I've decided to simplify. Tulipina will be the one place for both regular blog content and information about my floral design business. The site you see now is a bit of an intermediary step, and I am working on a site redesign that will be launching soon.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!

xo, Kiana