Halloween Craft: Starry Night

This is a guest post by the lovely and talented Keely Mann. Keely is crafty, Keely can decorate, Keely used to have an amazing blog. Then, she got lazy. :) Sometimes I am able to convince her to do a post for me. It's October. And October means...2 things. Pumpkins and Halloween. It also means candy, but this isn't about candy.

Anyway...pumpkins - beautiful, orange pumpkins. Did you know that beautiful orange pumpkins also make beautiful black pumpkins?! They do. Promise.

Today I'm gonna show you how to turn an orange pumpkin into a beautiful black pumpkin - with some sass. I saw this in HGTV Magazine and just knew I had to do it.

This is the easiest craft ever.

I call it Starry Night.

Craft: Starry Night  / tulipina.com

You'll need:

  • a pumpkin
  • black spray paint
  • silver craft paint
  • gold star stickers

Start by spray painting your pumpkin black Craft: Starry Night  / tulipina.com

Paint on a crescent moon. (I actually had my husband do this part, cause quite frankly, he's just better than me.) Craft: Starry Night  / tulipina.com

Have a cute helper start sticking on some stars...if you don't have a cute helper, your cute self will just have to do. Craft: Starry Night  / tulipina.com

And, that's it! So easy! Now you have a beautiful black starry pumpkin with some sass! Craft: Starry Night  / tulipina.com

Craft: Starry Night  / tulipina.com


Styling, design, and photography by Keely and Edyn Mann