Everyday Bouquet Inspiration

I really enjoy making bouquets, so when I have leftovers or get inspired at the market I generally take the opportunity to put a few together. While usually associated with weddings, they don't always have to be. There are so many unique combinations with bouquets, and they will last for several days if you put them in a vase with water. Of course, what better than a beautiful girl to accompany them?! (thanks Katy!) The recipe for this bouquet is very simple - peony, geranium, and pokeweed! In my opinion, peonies are so beautiful on their own that you don't really need to incorporate (nor want to overwhelm with) too many other flowers. Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

This bouquet has more going on - ranunculus, rose, flannel flower, astilbe, and tuberose. Between the rose and the tuberose it smelled really amazing! Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

This bouquet has a more vintage feel to it. I used two different shades of garden rose, and a type of geranium that had a fantstic aroma, cyclamen, and nerine lily. Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood