Dahlias on Display

Happy Friday friends! It is dahlia season and I find myself using them wherever I possibly can, do you blame me? Look at these lovelies!!

Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

Cafe au lait dahlias are simply delicious looking - their color and texture is really lovely in my opinion. So, I decided to use them with these fun chestnut and persimmon branches with one really bright purple dahlia from my garden.

Flowers: dahlia, chestnut, persimmon Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

Begin by placing the chestnut. As I have previously mentioned, beware those spikes - they hurt! Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

Continue with the cafe au lait dahlias and carefully place them so that they don't get bruised by the chestnut. Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

Place the persimmon as a hanging element to the arrangement, and add that one dahlia as a highlight! Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

I look forward to a fun, but busy weekend. I hope that yours will be fabulous!


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood