Bridal Bouquet: Garden-style DIY

A gorgeous bouquet adds a wow factor to the bride - enhancing the dress, shoes, jewelry, hair, makeup, and every other detail that she has chosen for her special day. Making a unique and dramatic garden-style bouquet isn't as difficult as one might think, and I decided to show you exactly that in this post! Note: Stand in front of a mirror when building a bouquet - it will allow you to see the bouquet from multiple angles without having to constantly stop and examine.

Kiana Underwood /

Kiana Underwood /

Kiana Underwood /

Flowers: pineapple lily, garden rose, parrot tulip, hellebore, lambs ear Kiana Underwood /

Begin with the pineapple lilies, and then surround them with the tulips to create a drooping base for building upon. Kiana Underwood /

Kiana Underwood /

Add the hellebore to the "top" (closest to you) of the bouquet. Don't worry, this is an asymmetrical bouquet and will look different from every angle. Kiana Underwood /

Now, add the garden roses and make sure that the flowers are not placed too tightly next to each other so that all of the flowers are visible. Kiana Underwood /

Add the lambs ear, and then tie it. Some florists use green floral tape, but I find that tying them with cotton string usually works better for me. You can secure the bouquet in any manner that works for you. Kiana Underwood /

Trim the stems so that they are all the same length (but be careful not to trim too much). Kiana Underwood /

There are many, many ways to wrap a bouquet, from ribbon to burlap, and everything in between. For this bouquet, I wanted a very simple wrap, and just used a lacy ribbon around the original tie point. Kiana Underwood /


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood