Blooms Around My Home

It's been a busy week - a fair portion of it spent getting ready for yesterday's all-day photo shoot with the amazing Angie Cao for this month's Naked Bouquet posts. Rather than a DIY or inspiration today, I thought that I'd share some photos of the wonderful flowers/plants blooming around my home, and one my favorite spring trees from our neighborhood. I hope that you enjoy these spots of color, and that you have an fantastic weekend. Fuschia hanging on the porch / Kiana Underwood

Lovely dogwood / Kiana Underwood

A DIY may be on the horizon with this beautiful rose. / Kiana Underwood

Wisteria that is finally blooming after the unfortunate incident with my husband's "pruning". / Kiana Underwood

Garden ground cover / Kiana Underwood

Jasmine outside the bedroom window. As a result, I fall asleep to its lovely aroma during the short period that it blooms. / Kiana Underwood

More wisteria / Kiana Underwood

The beautiful 'Oklahoma' redbud tree down the street. One of my favorites. / Kiana Underwood