A Neighborhood Inspiration

My neighbors and long time friends have a lovely home! We had been planning to have a social as well as "floral" get together at their place for some time. Initially, it was going to be in the spring, but we finally got around to our little party a couple of weeks ago. Better late than never! Needless to say, they have been my number one fans and supporters from day one, and we had a blast at their place! Thank you Julie and Jim for the beautiful time and for who you are!

I put together some autumn pieces using my garden goods, and I just love their living room, and how my flowers looked in it! Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

This is Rocky, he wanted to be part of things. Isn't he adorable? Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

They have some great modern-style pieces, which makes for a fun setting. Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

I love the detached garage, and the amazing blue door! Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com

Kiana Underwood / tulipina.com


Styling and design by Kiana Underwood Photography by N. Underwood Vases (Mercury Glass Pillar Holder) available at Anthropologie